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> I have gotten very interested in window managers. Earlier tonight
> I added links to about 6 non-mainstream window managers, including 
> WindowMaker.
> But I still don't understand how the menus of each of these WMs are customized
> via .xinitrc, etc. Where can I find that info. I would like to have a
> right click menu that would allow me to select a new WM to run with.
> Is that possible?

I'm not sure I did correctly understand you, so I will try to anwser
what I think is the question.

In ~/.xinitrc, the window manager's menues aren't controlled. For example
for WindiwMaker, its structure is ~/GNUstep for having all the settings.

To set menu content in WindowMaker, the Preferences utility can be used,
for example, to add other window managers ("switch to other WM"). This
would need to be done to every window manager separately because they're
not sharing a similar (or the same) configuration data structure.

The window manager that will actually be used is the last line, the "exec"
line in ~/.xinitrc, such as

        exec wmaker


        exec xfwm

I don't know how a display manager like wdm, kdm or gdm allows switching
window managers at login time (after X server is run). I think xdm doesn't
have such a functionality.

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