Luke Dean wrote:

The operating system and ports were all cvsupped and built from source
today.  I'm running Xorg + windowmaker + the "radeon" driver on i386

My xorg.conf was built from scratch by "Xorg -configure", plus I added
Option "AllowEmptyInput" "off"
to the "ServerLayout" section, per /usr/ports/UPDATING, since I'm not
running hal and I can't get keyboard or mouse otherwise.

Everything appears to be great.  My applications launch much faster than
they did before the upgrade.  Shutting down and restarting X is the only
problem I'm having.  This was not a problem before I upgraded to the new

This is a desktop system.  I launch X with "startx" from the console.  I
can shut down X either by exiting windowmaker or by killing the Xorg
server with ctrl+alt+backspace.  There appear to be some failure messages
on the console when I shut down X, but I don't know what they mean or
if they're important.  I'm attaching a log below.  I don't see any stuck
processes after the shutdown, but perhaps I don't know what I'm looking

If I later restart X with "startx", some corrupted graphical junk appears
on the screen and the system freezes solid.  Keyboard and mouse are
completely unresponsive.  NumLock light won't change.  I can't ssh into
the system either.
I can reproduce this at will, but my hard drives don't like it.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?
Do I need to switch to hal?

Have you read /usr/ports/UPDATING?

Glen Barber

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