filter1# ls -l
total 489024
-rw-------  1 defang  defang  274992627712 Jan 31 08:33 @@RPTN.db
filter1# ls -lh
total 489024
-rw-------  1 defang  defang   256G Jan 31 08:33 @@RPTN.db
If I do a du I gecus18-179# du
489026  .
cus18-179# du -h
478M    .
My drive is only 250 Gig and I have it mounted as /var/spool here is my df for 
the whole file system.
/dev/ad14s1d    226G    810M    207G     0%    /var/spool

So I know that the 256G is wrong. Can any one tell me what is up with file size 

no it's right. it's 256G sized but most space unallocated. du shows how many space is allocated.

in unix files can have "holes" == blocks that are not allocated to disk
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