In the last episode (Feb 01), Brett Glass said:
> At 05:43 PM 2/1/2009, Dan Nelson wrote:
> >Do you have "options LIBALIAS" in your kernel config?
> Nope. There was nothing that said that such an option was needed 
> (or even that it existed). I did find it, via a recursive grep, in 
> a file labeled "NOTES" a couple of levels up in the directory 
> hierarchy. I'm trying a compile now to see if that's all that's 
> needed to fix the problem.
> It looks as if there's no longer one easy place to find out how to 
> configure a kernel. The options used to all be in a LINT file that 
> was present in the configuration directory.... No more.

LINT was removed back in 2000 and replaced with NOTES, since that better
describes what it's really used for.  IPFIREWALL_NAT and LIBALIAS should
additionally be documented in ipfw(4) imho.

        Dan Nelson
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