Dan Nelson wrote:
In the last episode (Feb 06), Adam Vande More said:
I want to insert a new line of text at a certain position in certain files
recursively under a directory.  More specifically, I want text like this:


to be put into file X at line 37 where file X appears in ./subdir1, .subdir2 etc. There are many subdirs or I'd just do it by hand.

I've done stuff like this before with the rpl script and it works well as
long as there aren't any special characters in the strings.  So I assumed
I finally hit the point where I'm forced to learn something like sed or
awk and tried some examples with sed but I can't figure out what I'm doing

I get results like this:

sed '5i\test' test.txt
sed: 1: "5i\test": extra characters after \ at the end of i command

You want:

sed -e '5i\
test' test.txt

i.e. a linebreak after the backslash.

I had actually tried that too:

> sed -e '5i\
? test' text.txt
sed: 1: "5i
": command i expects \ followed by text
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