Basically it does the same thing. I used the pkg_add as I said, and once I finished, I did the rehash thing, and then logging in and out doesn't seem to change it. Is there a chance the package itself is messy?

I was told to try whereis and did so, and it said /usr/ports/net-im/aim and when I typed the direct path, it said permission denied, so I tried su to root, and ran it again, and it said the same thing...Which is a little strange being root.
If it says something like this:

> whereis aim
aim: /usr/ports/net-im/aim

aim is not installed.  an installed pkg will look something like this:

> whereis pidgin
pidgin: /usr/local/bin/pidgin /usr/local/man/man1/pidgin.1.gz /usr/ports/net-im/pidgin

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