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 > Hi to All! Sorry for my bad English. My problem: I am have 3G/EDGE 
 > modem ZTE MF622+ and FreeBSD 7.1. In using KPPP (KDE 3.5.10) my modem 
 > can't connect to EDGE provider, because in KPPP not enabled option 
 > Auto DNS setting. If manually set this option, that says tech support 
 > of provider, pppd print, that not connect and not determinate IP 
 > adress. Why I can enable this option? In Linux this option is enabled 
 > and all working fine. Thank you!

pppd(8) has not had any serious work done on it for over two years, see
There was some talk in -net of dropping support for it altogether.

The KPPP authors have so far declined to consider adding support for 
FreeBSD's ppp(8), due perhaps to their primarily Linux orientation.

I suggest instead using either ppp(8) - which is extensively supported 
by the FreeBSD Handbook and in the mailing lists - or the net/mpd5 port, 
which uses in-kernel netgraph modules.  Both support fetching upstream 
DNS addresses.  I happily used ppp(8) for 10 years, but now prefer mpd.

cheers, Ian
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