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> Chris Whitehouse wrote:
> > Fbsd1 wrote:
> >> I have an desktop manufactured in 2002 by a South Korean company
> >> Hyunju. The company is now out of business.
> >> It's bio's do not allow booting from a usb memory stick.
> >>
> >> I want to find an bio's update that adds booting from usb memory
> >> stick.
> >>
> >> I know the desktop uses AWARD bio's chip and the bio's id string
> >> is 01/08/2002-694T-686-P6VXM2TC-00
> >>
> >> All the internet bio's chip update url's found by Google search
> >> are customized for MS windows.
> >>
> >> Suggestions on how or where to purchase the correct bio's chip
> >> update?
> >>
> > 
> > What do you mean the update url's are customised for windows? The
> > bios doesn't know anything about operating system. Most likely you
> > could download a dos boot disk image - google, there are plenty
> > around - create a bootable floppy and copy your latest bios image
> > and bios update program, eg awdflash.exe onto it. Just boot from
> > the floppy and run the update.
> > 
> > Just be sure the bios image is really intended for your motherboard
> > and don't interrupt the update.
> > 
> > Chris

> What i mean is all the bio update sites have a utility that runs from 
> the website to fetch your bio id string info. This utility will not
> work on a non-windows operating system.

I'd recommend having a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD
(http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/) for such situations.  I even needed it
when I had Vista x64 installed and found that the flash program wanted
to load an unsigned driver - I had to boot into XP using the CD because
Vista x64 blocked the driver.  

Once booted from the CD you can access the Internet and see local

Bruce Cran
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