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Fbsd1 wrote:
I have an desktop manufactured in 2002 by a South Korean company
Hyunju. The company is now out of business.
It's bio's do not allow booting from a usb memory stick.

I want to find an bio's update that adds booting from usb memory

I know the desktop uses AWARD bio's chip and the bio's id string
is 01/08/2002-694T-686-P6VXM2TC-00

All the internet bio's chip update url's found by Google search
are customized for MS windows.

Suggestions on how or where to purchase the correct bio's chip

What do you mean the update url's are customised for windows? The
bios doesn't know anything about operating system. Most likely you
could download a dos boot disk image - google, there are plenty
around - create a bootable floppy and copy your latest bios image
and bios update program, eg awdflash.exe onto it. Just boot from
the floppy and run the update.

Just be sure the bios image is really intended for your motherboard
and don't interrupt the update.


What i mean is all the bio update sites have a utility that runs from the website to fetch your bio id string info. This utility will not
work on a non-windows operating system.

I'd recommend having a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD
( for such situations.  I even needed it
when I had Vista x64 installed and found that the flash program wanted
to load an unsigned driver - I had to boot into XP using the CD because
Vista x64 blocked the driver.
Once booted from the CD you can access the Internet and see local

Wow! one reply from a post 4 weeks ago, another from 4 weeks into the future! This list is amazing.

Thanks for your reply Fbsd1. By non-windows you mean not even DOS? I guess your options then are a windows live cd (UBCD?) or put a spare hard disk in the machine and install windows (not a pleasant experience).

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