I'm trying to add ipv6 aliases for my jails (7.1) in rc.conf.

ifconfig_lo0_alias0="inet netmask"
ifconfig_lo0_alias1="inet netmask"
ipv6_ifconfig_lo0_alias0="inet6 fd08:2548:a3e8:40::1 prefixlen 48"
ipv6_ifconfig_lo0_alias1="inet6 fd08:2548:a3e8:40::2 prefixlen 128"

The ipv6 aliases aren't configured as expected. I tried also  the  variants

ipv6_ifconfig_lo0_alias2="inet6 fd08:2548:a3e8:40::1 prefixlen 48"

ipv6_ifconfig_lo0="inet6 alias fd08:2548:a3e8:40::1 prefixlen 48"

without success. Btw the man page for rc.conf suggests the following
as replacement for the alias syntax (for ipv4):

ipv6_addrs_lo0="::1/128 fe80::1/64 fd08:2548:a3e8:40::1-7/48"

Which syntax is suggested and working for mixed ipv4/ipv6 aliases in

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