> Reinhard Haller wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm trying to add ipv6 aliases for my jails (7.1) in rc.conf.
>> ifconfig_lo0_alias0="inet netmask"
>> ifconfig_lo0_alias1="inet netmask"
>> ipv6_ifconfig_lo0_alias0="inet6 fd08:2548:a3e8:40::1 prefixlen 48"
>> ipv6_ifconfig_lo0_alias1="inet6 fd08:2548:a3e8:40::2 prefixlen 128"
> ifconfig_lo0="inet netmask"
> ifconfig_lo0_alias0="inet netmask"
> ifconfig_lo0_alias1="inet6 fd08:2548:a3e8:40::1 prefixlen 48"
> ifconfig_lo0_alias2="inet6 fd08:2548:a3e8:40::2 prefixlen 128"
> ...works for me.

I want to add to my post that it is not advisable to use your primary
loopback interface for anything other than localhost.

Keep lo0 as is, and use loN interfaces instead.

To add new loopback interfaces, in rc.conf add:

cloned_interfaces="lo1 lo2 lo3" #etc

...and then, add an 'UP' entry to ifconfig prior to interface use:

ifconfig_lo1="inet ..."
ifconfig_lo1_alias0="inet6 ..."
# etc.

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