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Presence of tag enables checkout mode, so it's not that you have a cvs repo
copy. Kernel date tag suggests a reboot, so the only thing that comes to
is newvers.sh not having done it's job or UNAME_r set in env.
sysctl kern.osrelease also shows 7.1-PRERELEASE?

# sysctl kern.osrelease
kern.osrelease: 7.1-PRERELEASE

Something that might apply: your cvsup file showed cvsup12 as the
server.  cvsup12 stopped responding for me several months ago.  If your
csup and build is automated so you don't see the timeouts, that would
explain why you aren't getting updated.

Yes, that *would* explain it. I changed to cvsup1 the other day and csup'd everything. I've started a new build just a few minutes ago. Should be running the new kernel in a couple of hours.

Thanks for your help, Warren.

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