I am a system administrator at a small private school in the California mountains. 
 I recently acquired a DSL connection and would like to share it with the faculty and 
staff using NATs.  I put up a 4.7 stable dual-homed box (AJAX), rebuilt the kernel 
with IPFIREWALL, IPFIREWALL_DEFAULT_TO_ACCEPT and IPDIVERT.  The DSL gateway is the internet interface is on 
the LAN side the interface is and another router is at, 10.10.2 36.1 is a dns/dhcp server (RS1)(novell netware) cedulocal.com.  
I have read everything I can get my hands on but cannot get AJAX to pass traffic. From 
AJAX I can ping/ftp out to the internet and internally to RS1.  I would be 
appreciative of suggestions and would particularly like sample rc.files with 
appropriate examples.  X-server on this machine will not work as it is a compaq with 
an embedded Intel 82815e graphics which I am unable to turn off so http is out, but 
ftp works fine.

           Internet                                  AJAX                              
                  RS1                                                Router                                            
         DNS/DHCP Srvr

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