Neal Hogan wrote:
man du

Thanks that gave me what i needed .. now i goto figure out what i can del an what not to .. never had a prob with / filling up before *g*

enterprise# du -h -d 1 /
2.0K    /.snap
2.0K    /dev
34K    /tmp
537G    /usr
740M    /var
1.7M    /etc
2.0K    /cdrom
2.0K    /cdrom1
2.0K    /dist
1.1M    /bin
396M    /boot
6.6M    /lib
786K    /libexec
2.0K    /media
2.0K    /mnt
2.0K    /proc
4.0M    /rescue
80K    /root
5.0M    /sbin
538G    /

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