> I will be sending my web server out to be co-located, and keeping a second 
> box here
> in my office. I want to be able to make this local box a mirror of the 
> live box. I don't 
> want/need ftp running on these boxes. I have a third box for development, 
> then upload
> the new files to the live box. The local box is strictly a 
> duplicate/backup of the live box.
> I do use ssh and access them using scp and putty. I would like this to run 
> on a daily
> basis. Any ready-made apps available to do this? I didn't see anything in 
> the ports.

ftp/wget will mirror sites with either ftp or http.

Might I suggest you change your methodology, and use your local box as
a "test" box that you then push to the co-located box when you deem
things ready. You can do the push with rsync or similar tools.

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