You're confusing linux-threads with pthreads. The performance boosts mentioned
are done using the FreeBSD Posix threads ("pthreads") library, in FreeBSD 7.x
they are implemented using libthr(3).
The benchmarks also assume you are using SCHED_ULE, rather then SCHED_4BSD.
Nothing should be configured if you run GENERIC later then 7.0-RELEASE.


So, from a standard FreeBSD 7.x install:

- Recompile kernel to use SCHED_ULE
- In the port, use: BUILD_OPTIMIZED=yes - In the port, use: WITH_PROC_SCOPE_PTH=yes
- In the port, use:  BUILD_STATIC=yes

And that should be it? So the "libpthread" they discuss in the description for WITH_PROC_SCOPE_PTH is different than the linux pthreads?

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