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Hi gang,

I'm running a remote 6.2 system which recently got shut down
unexpectedly (tower was physically nudged and apparently lost power).
I am running a 2-disk striped array with the geom_stripe.ko module.

So my fstab line is

/dev/stripe/st0a /data ufs rw,acls 2 2

Thing is, the /dev/stripe directory no longer exists.
Make sure the the geom_stripe module is actually loaded. (with kldstat)

If it's not already loaded, do a kldload geom_stripe (which creates the /dev/stripe directory, if the metadata exist on the disk ("automatic mode") and perform a normal fsck afterwards. (e.g fsck -y / dev/stripe/st0a) If the metadata /(manual mode) are not stored on the disk, you need to issue exactly the same commands to recreate it as you originally did.
All this is nicely documented in the man page (man gstripe)

By adding the following line


to /boot/loader.conf you make sure the stripe will be available after reboot (at least in "automatic mode").

Hope this helps

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