O. Hartmann <ohart...@zedat.fu-berlin.de> wrote:
 > I run into a problem I can not solve. I need to fetch a whole directory 
 > tree from a public remote site. The top level directory and its 
 > subdirectories are accessible via ftp:// and http:// so I tried fetch, 
 > but fetch does only retrieve data on file basis and does not copy a 
 > whole directory tree recursively. The remote site does not offer 
 > sftp/sshd for that purpose.
 > Is there a simple way to perform such a task with FreeBSD's own tools (I 
 > try to avoid installing 'wget' and sibblings)? I need to keep it simple, 
 > task should be performed via cronjob.

I'm afraid you can't do that with FreeBSD base tools.

An alternative to wget would be "omi" (ports/ftp/omi)
which is a simple FTP mirroring tool, written in C
without any dependencies.  Usage is simple:

$ omi -s server.name.com -r /remote/dir -l ./local/dir

Note that, by default, it tries to synchronize the local
dir perfectly, i.e. if the remote dir is empty, it will
wipe out the local dir.  (The option "-P 0" will prevent
omi from removing anything.)

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