On Apr 6, 2009, at 10:24 AM, Manolis Kiagias wrote:

Charles Howse wrote:

Actually, I wasn't asking about the CVS line with regard to
mergemaster.  I realize that mergemaster will stop and ask about any
file in its list with a CVS line older than the new file.

What I really want to know is, let's say the file above is
/etc/hosts.allow, and I have customized it according to my needs.
If I leave the old file in /etc, I'm thinking it will still work just
fine.  It's only mergemaster, and maybe cvsup, and things that
actually deal with version control that are concerned with the CVS line.
Am I correct?

You are correct. As long as the content of the file is right for the
purpose, the line added by CVS is simply ignored by anything and
everything - except mergemaster and friends when upgrading.

As I suspected.  Thanks for the confirmation.

I have completed my upgrade to 6.4-STABLE with the following hiccups:
mergemaster -iU couldn't find a btree database, so it skipped the auto update. It did save a database at the end, so I assume I can use that next time. I never thought to check for which side of the screen the old file was on after I chose "m" to merge. Finally figured out that the old file is on the left, and the temp on the right.

Once finished completely, there were no problems I couldn't recover from. Good thing this is a brand new installation, with only 2 accounts! :-)

Thanks for all the help!

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