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> so he should first learn about unix more.

At least to avoid misunderstandings due to wrong terminology.
"We UNIX guys" are usually smart enough to know what "DOS
mode" refers to, but without correction such a behaviour
(accepting it without mentioning that it's plain wrong)
will stengthen the belief that there's a "DOS mode" in
FreeBSD, or that every text mode interface is called "DOS

"When I switched on my modem, it only resets in TSO mode.
I want CDE mode, what should I do?" :-)

Depending on what environment some user comes from, the
terminology chosen may vary. Some words are more advanced
than others, but still wrong.

> reading FreeBSD handbook is more 
> than enough.

I agree, FreeBSD's excellent documentation gives a very good
step-by-step introduction about how to solve this particula
problem (and others, too). It isn't that hard to find.


I'm glad it's not.

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