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> On Fri, 10 Apr 2009 20:51:35 +0700, kyanh <xky...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > 
> > I'd like to hear some notification from Pidgin. When configuring
> > Pidgin, I use mplayer %s
> > to make Pidgin play stuff.
> First, maybe mplayer is a bit "heavy stuff" for notification sounds.
> What are these files? If they are *.wav, use "play %s" command, and
> if they are *.mp3, use "madplay %s" or "mpg123 %s", as well as
> "ogg123 %s" for *.ogg files. Check out the manpages for these
> programs if you think you need further options.

I just use the default setting from Pidgin. I don't know what is the kind of 
sound though I guess that's *.wav. When I press "Browse" in Pidgin 
Configuration Page for Sound I don't get the right place of default sound file. 
Pidgin may use files from GTK collection.

When I use Arch Linux I can use "play %s" but "play" isnot installed as default 
on FreeBSD. I install `mpg123` but I still get small sound.

> > But it's hard to hear the sound as pidgin's volume is small (while
> > the system mixer is almost 100:100). Is there anyway to have a
> > bigger sound in Pidgin?
> Check the other volumes as well. PCM should be 100:100, too.
> If vol == 100:100 and pcm == 10:10, it will be very silent. :-)

I see. I often use vol == 90 and pcm == 75.

> Do other applications (music and movie player, games etc.) play
> louder sounds?

The music and others sounds are normal.

> > PS: sorry for my terrible English :)
> I'm not sure mine is better, don't mind. The guys on that list have
> a lot of translational phantasy. :-)

Thank you. I've learned from your message that I should use "louder" for sound 
instead of "bigger". Still find "smaller" sound :D

Ky Anh, Huynh
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