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A> How do you handle major builds that use FBSD specific patches....
A> asterisk for example?

   Fortunately I haven't had to build asterisk or anything else that large.
   If I did, I'd probably try building under Solaris first, and when
   installing under FBSD, I'd examine any patches and put them in by hand.

   My only experience with a major ports build was attempting to upgrade
   Firefox; 20 minutes after starting, I was left with a literally
   unbootable system.  I had to yank the drive, give it to a buddy to
   verify that my files were still present, do a complete installation
   with a more recent FBSD version on a clean drive, and restore my stuff
   from the original system.

   I'm perfectly willing to admit that I botched something in the Firefox
   upgrade, but I've also run into problems installing anything that remotely
   depends on perl.  I use the same version on all my servers, and I got
   tired of seeing "unable to find perl-5.8.whatever"; configure scripts
   test for capability rather than version number to avoid this problem.
   Some of my servers are not allowed to have any network access, which
   means no chasing dependencies; I put in a CD with some source and run
   a build script.

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