Anyone have experience building if_bwi (broadcom 43x)?  Found a tgz on
a site, so I presume it's legit, but it's a bit short on
instructions, and I get a "object directory not changed from origonal
/mnt/flash/bwi.01/ @-> /usr/src/sys" warning,  and an "ln: @:
Operation not supported" error, so I assume this goes in src
somewhere, but does dev, or modules?  There's not even a readme file
for it, and all I found was a link, not the origonal site (which just
seems to be an anutomated repository).  I'm a little worried, if I
stick it in modules, it's top-level makefile will overwite the one in
modules, so should I merge it in?  Obviously a bit past my abilities,
but I'm willing to play...

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