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> > OTOH, you may not want to spend so much time if you just need to have an
> > average user's desktop.
> If this case, go with PC-BSD. Looks like "Windows", feels like
> "Windows", still is FreeBSD. :-)
> (Honestly, it's not *that* bad and offers a lot of handholding,
> automation and preconfiguration.)
Problem is not to select an operating system to use but it is easiness of
usability of FreeBSD especially for the new beginners .

A few days ago I tried to install my FreeBSD 2.0.5 double CD version but it
could not be possible because it was requiring sound card attached old model
CD-ROM drive .

Over time . daily requirements is driving the selection of operating systems
and personally I do not have any prejudice against to any one of the
operating systems  . As a person living as a computing specialist since 1975
I appreciate the difficulty of development of an operating system and really
thank to all of the persons contributing to the open source operating
systems ( I use nearly solely Fortran an Pascal ) .

 I like FreeBSD very much and I want to see it much more better than its
actually very very good state . One point for improvement is the easiness of
usability for the new comers .

Second is its installation easiness which at present I find it very
difficult ( for example , during installation , it is not possible to go
back to correct an entry . Due to this , sometimes it is becoming necessary
to power off the computer and re-start from the beginning ) .

Third is use of Live FS CD . There is no any documentation about
installation step ( Fix It ) or I do not know any .

Thank you very much .

Mehmet Erol Sanliturk
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