I already did vacation -i as per the manual say but it still does not auto 

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Odhiambo Washington wrote:

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>> Hi guys,


>> Why Freebsd built-in vacation program (/usr/bin/vacation) does not auto

>> reply?


>> I am using fresh installed Freebsd7.0 and 7.1. here is my configs.


>> Under the home directory of the user (alydio.mc)


>> .forward

>>     \alydio.mc, "|/usr/bin/vacation alydio.mc"


>> .vacation.msg

>>    Subject: On vacation message

>>    From: alydio...@mydomain.com

>>    I'm on vacation and will not be reading my mail for a while.

>>   Your mail will be dealt with when I return.

>> .

>> from postfix/sendmail logs:


>> ...sniff

>>  (delivered to command: /usr/bin/vacation alydio.mc)


>> after this nothing will happened... no errors.... no warnings...


>> However the one I installed from ports (/usr/local/bin/vacation) works

>> fine.



>> I want to use the freebsd base vacation program.



> Did you read the man page fully and understand it?

> Did you initialize the vacation database?

> Have you tried to run it in debug mode?

> Try RTFM again and see if you could figure out the problem yourself.

Wow... wait a sec...

I recall years ago having to deal with 'vacation' messages along with

sendmail, and with thousands of users, I hated doing it manually.

Perhaps a ``how I do it'' is warranted here.

It is quite apparent that the OP has RTFM, _and_ tried to work it out

for himself...
I was waiting for the OP to say that he actually did run `vacation -i` first, 
as that is a requirement.
Of course he can also run with -d and watch the logs for clues.

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