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> hi, can anyone tell me what this message is related to?
> WRITE_DMA UDMA ICRC error (retrying request) LBA=62939519
> drive/hardware failing?
> i am seeing a lot of it lately on a particular disk where i have
> tried a few different installs and don't always
> get this problem. i have seen it disappear after some painstaking
> before a reinstall this disk, like wiping the whole disk clean
> before install, checking geometry is right, but maybe coincidence?
> it is a sata300, 7.2 beta1 amd64 and i am thinking there is problem
> with the disk, but the error varied a bit with different installs
> (i.e. whether i see the error or not)

I suggest installing 'sysutils/smartmontools', checking the health,
-H, and if it shows up healthy, run a long self test. If the long
self test completes with out issue, it is most likely a bad cable,
some what odd for SATA, but I've had it happen several times back in
the days of PATA.

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