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> > > cups-base-1.3.9_3   Common UNIX Printing System
> > > cups-pdf-2.5.0      A virtual printer for CUPS to produce PDF files
> > > cups-pstoraster-8.15.4_2 Postscript interpreter for CUPS printing to
> non-=
> > PS printers
> > > gutenprint-cups-5.1.7_3 GutenPrint Printer Driver
> > > libgnomecups-0.2.3_1=2C1 Support library for gnome cups admistration
> > > hplip-2.8.2_4       Drivers and utilities for HP Printers and
> All-in-One =
> > device
> >
> > Just a question: do you have foomatic filters installed? OpenPrinting
> sugge=
> > sts them=2C and I don't see them above.
> yes:
> foomatic-filters-3.0.2_4 Foomatic wrapper scripts
> sorry I didn't list them previously.
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See the instructions here:  http://am-productions.biz/docs/hplip.php

One of the items is mentions is that hplip requires that ulpt be disabled so
that the printer appears as a 'ugen' device.  I think this requires
recompiling the kernel.

Also, remember that lpd has lp* files (in /usr/bin/ ?) that may conflict
with CUPS files of the same name in /usr/local/bin/.  Did you rename/move
the lpd versions?

I struggled with cups and hplip for weeks.  PCBSD seems to have these things
working well; but for my FreeBSD server, I've switched from an HP printer to
a used postscript Okidata.

Best of luck,

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