Keith Seyffarth wrote:
> I'm trying to print from my FreeBSD machine. I've been through a
> number of online tutorials and instructions on printing from Unix or
> FreeBSD in particular, but they all seem to start with the assumption
> that printing from the machine is possible. I'm trying to get to that
> starting point.
> I have installed:
> cups-base-1.3.9_3   Common UNIX Printing System
> cups-pdf-2.5.0      A virtual printer for CUPS to produce PDF files
> cups-pstoraster-8.15.4_2 Postscript interpreter for CUPS printing to non-PS 
> printers
> gutenprint-cups-5.1.7_3 GutenPrint Printer Driver
> libgnomecups-0.2.3_1,1 Support library for gnome cups admistration
> hplip-2.8.2_4       Drivers and utilities for HP Printers and All-in-One 
> device
> The printer I'm working with is a HP Officejet 4110.
> <SNIP>

Follow the instructions here:

(prefer to build from ports rather than adding the packages as the
instructions suggest)

Note there are two files with permissions, devfs.conf and devfs.rules -
you must make entries in both.
One is for devices found during startup, the other for devices that are
hot-plugged afterwards.
cupsd_enable="YES" should do the trick in rc.conf - nothing else needed
to start cups as a service.
Also note that cups has an lpr compatible interface, but should you wish
to print from the command line using cups, you will have to usr
/usr/local/bin/lpr to make sure you are running the cups' executable of
lpr. Generally you should not need to touch any other cups related files
to make it work. Just visit the web interface at http://localhost:631
and make any settings there.

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