> I don't have a 6.1 machine around, but freebsd-update
> is just a sh script and you should be able to find what's going on.
> There is nothing hardcoded in it, at least in the version distributed
> with 7.x. In fact I would try running the 7.x version on this system.

I'd definitely be inclined to ensure you're using the more uptodate
Version of freebsd-update...

"As I write this, 'upgrade' support does not yet exist in the version
of FreeBSD Update in the FreeBSD base system, so the next step is to
download the script. If you are running FreeBSD 7.0-RC1 or 
FreeBSD 6.3-RC1 or later, you should already have this new 
version of FreeBSD Update installed, so you can skip this step."


Added note: Instructions at above URL worked perfectly for 6.2 > 7.0,
Instructions at URL below worked perfectly for 7.0 > 7.1



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