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After my router gets a new IP, the openvpn client reconnects to the server and the tunnel is usable from free...@home to free...@external. But: I have one Vista and one OSX at home, both have static routes to the FreeBSD-box. They are able to use the tunnel, when the openvpn-client is freshly startet. After getting a new IP from my ISP, the tunnel is up (and - as I wrote - the FreeBSD is able to use it), but the two other boxes don't get routed through the tunnel, but the default gateway. When I restart the openvpn-client, everythink works again like it should.

Not enough info to tell, but, consider the output of "netstat -nr" before and after the IP reassignment, and you'll probably notice a routing table change which is causing your other LAN clients to send traffic the wrong way....


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