On Wed, 29 Apr 2009 14:36:31 -0400, Chuck Robey <chu...@telenix.org> wrote:
> Is there ANY filesystem that would be a good bet, so that I could transfer 
> stuff
>  to & from FreeBSD to OpenBSD?  Besides (obviously) UFS?

Yes, there is, and it even isn't a file system.
It's tar. You can easily create a tar archive
and transfer it from device to device, maybe
using a "transfer hard disk". I know this sounds
stupid, but it works. The disk just needs to be
formatted, it can be a hard disk, an optical
disc, even an USB thumb drive, or a floppy disk.
Doesn't matter. Just format it.


        % tar cvf /dev/<device> <yourstuff>

on the source OS. On the target OS, simply run
this command:

        % tar xvf /dev/<device>

I could employ this method successfully to transfer
data between different UNIXens and Linusi. :-)

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