Sorry.  This statement is incorrect.

If you aren't using ZFS, or even a GEOM volume with mirror/RAID5/softup/etc, 
you cannot make the statement that hardware RAID is faster.  I learned that 3 
years ago.

It takes about 30 minutes to mirror 1.5TB on ZFS.  Try that on hardware RAID.

I did the same with 80 GB SATA drives a couple of years ago.  Gmirror killed 
hardware mirror by 50%

When your processor on your hardware RAID card is junk and you have a kickass 
processor and good chunk of memory on your main system and decent controller 
that isn't getting maxed, the "hardware RAID is always faster" paradigm walked 
out the door a few years ago.

This does not go for EMC, IBM, Hitachi high-end storage arrays where you write 
to TBs of RAM Cache.


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> It could just be me, but I swear Hardware RAID has been faster for many
> many years, especially with RAID5 arrays - or anything that requires

maybe with RAID5, but using RAID5 today (huge disk sizes, little sense to save 
on disk space) instead of RAID1/10 doesn't make much sense, as RAID5 is slow on 
writes by design
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