Aurélien Ansel wrote:
> Hi all,
> sorry in advance for my bad english.
> I think i have a problem with the MIB of IPv6.
> I have installed the last port of net-snmp.
> Can someone give the result of this request, it must be send to a
> computer with a smp daemon and at least one interface with an IPv6 address.
>    snmpwalk -v 2c -c <community_name> <IP_OF_SNMP_SERVER> 
> .
> On my FreeBSD 7.1, this command give me : "IP-MIB::ipAddressTable = No
> Such Object available on this agent at this OID"
> But if I execute this command on a Ubuntu with IPv6 addresses and
> net-snmpd running that return a lot of results, in particulary the list
> of IPv6 addresses linked to the machine ( it's what i'm looking for ).
> So i don't know if the problem come from my computer or from the port.

It looks like it may be the port. None of my SNMP enabled boxes display
the IPv6 addresses of the interface either (I've never noticed, as I
don't use SNMP for that ;)

However, in the Makefile, I noticed this:

@${ECHO_MSG} "WITH_INETADDRESS_HACK=yes builds with the inetaddress hack"

Which I read somewhere by searching Google that it has something to do
with 'fixing' the IPv6 address issue. Put:


in your /etc/make.conf file, and try rebuilding the port.

Let us know if that fixes it.


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