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On Wednesday 13 May 2009 09:21:46 manish jain wrote:

I want to move vi to /bin so that I have an editor available in
single-user mode.

The only reason to need an editor and not have /usr and /var available is to edit /etc/fstab. It is trivial to spot errors with /rescue/cat and fix with /rescue/sed, without having to worry about a terminal.

In all other cases:
fsck -p
/etc/rc.d/mountcritlocal start
/etc/rc.d/ldconfig start

And one can use any editor one would want. Don't forget to export or setenv TERM to cons25 from 'dumb'.

From all the discussion I have walked through on the issue of where to place vi, it does appear FreeBSD has a skewed policy on the issue. There are plenty of reasons you might need access an editor in single-user mode - editing fstab is just one. Having to use the workarounds suggested in place of vi is not so good, and manually moving vi to /bin is not simply a matter of 'mv /usr/bin/vi /bin/'.

One of the things I would dearly like to see in a future release is vi being placed under /bin.

There is an alternative means of achieving the same effect which I have been
occasionally known to advocate on this and other lists: the all-in-one partition
layout. Simply put, when installing the system instead of creating separate /,
/usr, /var etc. etc. partitions, you create only two partitions: a swap area and
(covering all the rest of the disk) one big partition mounted at /.

This means that in single user mode, dynamically linked programs like vi(1)
are available as normal.  It's easy to implement and it works well.



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