PLEASE can we move on now!  I prefer not to filter people cause on rare
occasions everyone has something useful or funny to say and I don't want
to miss those.

Everyone is right, Everyone is wrong, kiss and make up - and then PLEASE
STFU!  And that's said with ALL due respect and not directed toward any
one person!

All this $hit DID make me realize I need to get my company to pony up
some $$$ - FreeBSD has been beneficial to u, so thanks to all that
support and maintain it!!!

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Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 5:06 PM
Subject: Re: Sponsoring FreeBSD

>> Once again - please do moderated forum that posting rules will be
>> - post ONLY about FreeBSD. FreeBSD == what is created by FreeBSD
>> and contributors. This means - base system+port system. And mean for
>> that:
> But you're the troublemaker that needs shutting up.

I'm very sorry for troubling you, but - as you and others - i have the 
same right to present my opinions. And both of us don't have right to 
"shut up" others, until any of us create it's own forum and define
clear posting rules.

I think you should try more to control your reactions. The first thing
to understand their mechanism, after you truly understand them, 
controlling will be easy.

I wish it will help you.

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