James McNaughton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Orion Hodson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > 
> > The ALS4000 chipset is supported, it's the bios on the machine in question  
> > bios that causes problems on 4.x.  Try adding the following to your kernel 
> > config file and rebuilding and reinstalling the kernel:
> > 
> >     options PCI_ENABLE_IO_MODES
> Thanks for the info. I tried it, but on boot the same messages came up
> about the soundcard. But worse than that, the new kernel couldn't
> mount the root file system. Does the PCI_ENABLE_IO_MODES option also
> require PNPBIOS? I didn't have PNPBIOS in my kernel config.
> I think I'll try hardcoding the resources for the sbc driver and see
> what that does.

For the record, I got the soundcard to work (SIIG Soundwave Pro PCI
with ALS4000 chip).

After spending too much time enabling and disabling kernel options and
playing with BIOS settings for me to still be considered sane, it
occured to me that just maybe the PCI slot was FUBAR. It isn't
completely FUBAR, but switching the video and soundcards made it all

Damn PCI Bus! Why can't we just set resoources with jumpers. If God
meant for mankind to be plug-and-play, he would have given us better
BIOSes ;)

> More advice is welcome.
> Jim

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