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other "Solarisisms" that I've already seen, such as /export
on FreeBSD which is usually used on Solaris for NFS shares.)

does Solaris REQUIRE things to be in /export to be able to export through NFS or is it just some kind of tradition or routinely repeated rule?

It's just a convention.  Filesystems to be exported live under /export,
and are frequently automounted under /net/{hostname} or /home/{hostname}
depending on their intended purpose.

You don't have to arrange things like that, just as you don't have to
install ports under /usr/local.  ie.  you'ld have to have a pretty
good reason to go against the convention.

In fact, given that FreeBSD doesn't seem to have a native convention on
how exported filesystems are laid out (no mention in hier(7), no default
/etc/exports file), it would make sense to adopt the Solaris/Linux style where
feasible.  Mount points etc. aren't going to work exactly the same due to
Solaris/Linux preferentially using autofs and FreeBSD using amd(8) (yes, I
know there has been some progress on autofs under FreeBSD, but it's not 100%
yet[*]), but from a user perspective it should all work the same.



[*] http://www.fsl.cs.stonybrook.edu/docs/freebsd-autofs/autofs.pdf

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