Another option:

Qmail and Dovecot. Actually I have multiple servers running those at multiple sites. For webmail, I have use squirrelmail and perdition, which is an imap proxy/multiplexer. It makes the multiple dovecot systems look like one to the webmail system. You could replace squirrelmail with any other imap-based webmail.

For anti-spam and anti-virus I use Postini. A dollar a month per user. I send no mail except via Postini, and I accept no mail except from Postini, enforced by both qmail's tcprules and our cisco firewalls. The combination is fast, safe and low-maintenance (but perhaps not your definition of cheap).

I've built this thing but only have a small contingent of users on it so far.. the rest are still on a external host. Last week I set up mstone, (see sourceforge project) and have been loading it up to see where it creaks. So far so good.

John Dakos [ Enovation Technologies ] wrote:
Hello all ,  I want to install a  Mail Server with  Webmail,

Anybody to know a good Stable Mail Server and Web Mail

I will appreciate

Thanks all

John Dakos
Network Administrator
Enovation Technologies
Filellinon 35, Chalandrion
15232 Athens, GREECE
Tel: +30-210 811 9673
Mob: +30-6979348082

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