Hi all,

A FreeBSD 4.7 machine with an AMI Megaraid controller and 3 disks in a
RAID 5 array failed on me this week. 

One of the disk drives went into offline state due to overheating and
the array, to the best of my knowledge should have continued in degraded

Two things concern me at this point.

1. There were no messages in /var/log/messages to indicate that a disk
had failed and the array was in degraded mode.

2. With 2 disks of the array still online, we were unable to read /
execute loads of data. Many text files were unreadable and system
binaries like tar unusable. 

When we got the disk back online and rebooted the box, we were able to
easily read data, and files that appeared to be corrupt turned out not
to be. 

Can anyone advise me on why I saw what I saw and how I can get around
this in the future.


Wayne Pascoe

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