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> On 6/9/09, Ashish SHUKLA <> wrote:
>> Hi Mel,
>> Thanks for responding.
>> In <>, Mel
>> Flynn wrote:
>> [...]
>>> Nothing points to the sound module specifically. The first trace is
>>> unusable
>>> (frames missing) and the second trace panics in sleep, which maybe points
>>> to
>>> the sound module and interrupts. Are you not able to panic the system
>>> without
>>> that sound module loaded? It looks too random to blame one module, more
>>> hardware, but it's possible the module exposes a bug elsewhere. From this
>>> though, it is hard to tell.
>> Yes, I noticed myself, that there is no reason why to blame 'sound' module
>> for
>> it. But I noticed my box only panics when there is some activity going on
>> with
>> sound device, like at one time, it paniced when I was trying to record audio
>> using gnome-sound-recorder, and another it paniced when I was playing audio
>> using ogg123. And that it too, it didn't panic immediately after start of
>> operation (playing/recording), but only after some time has elapsed. And the
>> system doesn't panic without snd_ds1 loaded even after building ports (like
>> openjdk6 and libxul) and using GNOME for 4 hours. BtW, I forgot to mention
>> in
>> last post, but I'm running the GENERIC kernel bundled with 7.2-RELEASE DVD.
>> I don't know how to resolve and whether this is some kind of memory issue or
>> something else. I also experienced something similar panic situation[1] with
>> 8.0-CURRENT which no one else is able to reproduce except me, after which I
>> installed 7.2-RELEASE. Any ideas how to trace this problem, it is
>> discouraging
>> me to continue using FreeBSD for my regular desktop use ?
>> References:
>> [1] -

> Does same problem happens on i386?

I've not installed i386 versions of any versions of FreeBSD, as I don't
have any spare box. So I can't say if those problems are reproducible on
i386 also.

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