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Upgrading between major versions requires all installed ports to be
rebuilt, so they get linked to the new versions of the libraries.
I suppose you missed this step, older apps may still work but there is a
problem installing new ones.

Please see the instructions at the end of section 24.2.3 (portupgrade etc):

This is why I'm at a loss here. I upgraded the base system from the sources and then used portupgrade -af to rebuild all installed packages. Right after upgrading the base system, essentially everything from X to Emacs was broken (I tried, just for the heck of it). After running portupgrade, these problems were all fixed - except for xfburn.

(AFAIR,  if you upgraded via source, you will also need to run make
delete-old-libs in /usr/src after successfully recompiling ports)

I'll try that, as I've never seen this before. I definitely didn't do that.


Markus Hoenicka
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