On Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 01:00:21AM -0500, Patrick Reich wrote:
> One thing to add here is that the ports tree remains tied to
> teTeX.  If you install TexLive (either from DVD or Romain's)
> and then install a port like texmacs, lyx, texmaker, or auctex
> to edit your files, you'll pull in teTeX as a dependency.  You
> end up with both teTeX and TeXLive installed.  If someone knows
> how to avoid the duplicity, please do chime in - I'm not a fan
> of having both.  I require TeXLive for the mathematics typesetting
> I do.

What I do is change the Makefiles of the ports in question to remove the
dependancies on teTeX. My way of doing that is creating a patch for the
Makefile and re-applying that after each update of the ports tree.

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