Hello list.

I have the following setup: a Windows Vista x64 SP1 machine (my
primary desktop) and a FreeBSD 7.2/amd64 running on a home NAS system
that's relatively powerful (Intel Atom 330 dualcore, 2gb ram). I would
like to be able to run xorg and a simple desktop on the headless
FreeBSD NAS and be able to interact with it from my Vista machine.
What are the steps I need to take for this? Obviously I need to build
xorg and some sort of a wm (probably gnome2-lite) on the FreeBSD
machine and install an xserver on the Vista machine, but then what?
Any pointers to guides and such are welcome.

Please keep me CCed as I am not subscribed.

- Sincerely,
Dan Naumov
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