On Thursday 16 July 2009 10:55:48 Marissa wrote:
> They said the guy gave
> them the username and info but then took off and they can't get ahold of
> them. 

> I need to delete the items off the server so I can
> host the site but whenever I try it says I don't have access. Is there
> anything you can do to help?

There's 3 major possibilities:
1) The username and info the vanished guy gave does not have permission to 
delete those files.
2) You're using the wrong method to delete those files
3) Deletion is prohibited by the server

For this specific problem we'd need to know:
- What protocol are you using to delete the files (FTP / WebDav / SSH)?
- Whether the username is root (nothing else needed, just yes/no)?
- What the exact message is you get when trying to delete a file. Most notably 
there's a difference between "permission denied" and "operation not 
permitted", so don't paraphrase the error message, but copy/paste if possible.
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