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On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, <xyz> wrote:

> > Can Anyone help me ? I am running 5.0-RELEASE on this box (recently
> > cvsup'ed) and have compiled my own kernel with all necessary USB options.
> > The behaviour was the same in 4.7-RELEASE, though... both with the
> > respective GENERIC and my own kernels.
> See my 5.0 faq entry that I just emailed for a similiar question about 5.0.  

I think i may sound stupid, but where can i find that 5.0 faq ?

The FreeBSD homepage only links to a 4.x faq, and a google search
for "faq 5.0 freebsd" obviously yields way too many results ;-)

> Also USB is somewhat buggy and if the hadware maker chooses to release no 
> information about it's device to be able to write free drivers for it, then 
> no one can.  MS always gets the details to write the driver.

Well, actually the ScanJet 4100C is listed to be supported by uscanner(4).
There also exists a SANE backend for it, so i expected to get it to work
with kde and kooka and give my father a nice-to-use frontend.

Now, when there is a FreeBSD driver for this specific device, someone
MUST have been able to get it to work in the past, right ?

I'll post this answer to freebsd-questions, but i'll only BCC you because 
i think you might have wanted to protect your email address from spammers.

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