Stefan Miklosovic wrote:

my pc gets ip address from dhcp server,
but on my pc, there is running

I want to make ssh to listen to only one
ip address, but if ip changes due to dhcp,
ssh server do not work properly.

I know, that dhcp is able to assign ip address
to client from some range e.g.
It is possible to do the same with ssh in case
that it is not possible to do it only with one ip?

I want a solution which would work every time,
not only some specific one.

I don't know if this will solve your problem, you can set ListenAddress in sshd_config, by default this is or any. You can have multiple ListenAddress entries.

I do not know if you can specify an ip-range, that would solve the problem I guess. It doesn't seem like you can configure sshd to bind to a particular interface, whichever address it may have, that would be the best solution.

BR, Erik
Erik Nørgaard
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