On Thu, Aug 6, 2009 at 1:47 AM, Mel
Flynn<mel.flynn+fbsd.questi...@mailing.thruhere.net> wrote:
> Your best bet is to poll the mobile list (CC'd) to see if anyone was able to
> get FreeBSD working on this laptop (or even to know whether this is a lost
> cause till somebody makes some patches for this laptop). Since 7.2 also does
> not work and with 8.0-RELEASE being in it's final stages, it's unlikely you
> can get some priority from the developers for it being a regression bug. The
> acpi and missing disk can be related (most likely are), but unless you get at
> least a live FS working (even the USB image for 8.0-BETA2) it will be hard to
> get an acpidump(8). So this really depends on "someone knowledgeable having
> this laptop" or BIOS tricks that get you to a stage where more info can be
> gathered and saved/snapshot.

Ok, I understand chances to have it running in the short term are not high :-)
Anyway, and since I am replying to the mobile list, I am available to
provide more
information about the laptop. I have Linux running on it and I believe there is
something similar to the acpidump (not sure if its the same tool as in FreeBSD
or if their outputs are compatible) that I could use to provide some
more details.

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