> In the last episode (Mar 07), Thomas von Hassel said:
>> So if one of your disks in a vinum raid'0 dies there is absolutly
>> nothing you can do right ? ...just checking before i zero the other
>> drives ..
> Raid 0 means Zero Redundancy :)
> If the disk is truly gone, the entire volume is unuseable.  If a cable
> came loose or something but the disk is still okay, you can simply force
> the drive back up manually and be on your way.

the drive is physically dead, i have tried everything i could think of,
differet cables, difrent jumper settings, even tried to put in a spare
machine to see if it woudl show up there, nada ... and yes raid0 is zero
redundancy and i have backup's in place for most of the critical data.
Someone sugested getting a drive of the same model and swaping the print
to see if the drive was ok otherwise but i dont know if it's worth the

(note, this is a 120GB IBM drive, not 6 months old ...grrr)


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