At 18:27 07.03.2003 +0100, Thomas von Hassel wrote:
So if one of your disks in a vinum raidī0 dies there is absolutly nothing
you can do right ? ...just checking before i zero the other drives ..

It depends how dead your disk is: If its completly gone away (disappeared in kernel boot message) your only chance I see is to start searching for the backup. If the disk only has some dead sectors, you can try to clone the data with dd to a new disk. This is slow and cumbersome, and as a result you have some blocks of invalid data on the new disk. The trick with dd is to skip the dead sectors and to use a blocksize of 512. See "man dd" for the options "seek" and "skip". dd copy blocks until it detects a bad block. Here you have to start over with new seek/skip to jump over the dead sector.

So the job would be something like this:

- umount vinum fs
- stop vinum
- add new disk to system
- clone old disk with dd to new disk
- remove old disk and install new disk instead
- new disk: zero first 265 sectors of the slice
- disklabel new disk as was the old disk (Handbook: Adding disks)
- vinum create -f diskfile (see replacing disks)
- start vinum
- vinum setstate of disks/plex/vol to up
- vinum saveconfig
- fsck vinum fs
- mount vinum fs

Changes are good to destroy all data with this steps shown above. Read manpages dd, vinum, disklabel, fdisk. Understand what you do. Think before hitting return. Expect the worst when using the wrong parameters. Use backups.

with best regards


Alexander Haderer             Charite Berlin - Germany

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