Identry wrote:
> Well, the bad day has come... My primary server won't boot. I have
> backups of databases and user directories, but I need to try to get
> this server back up again.
> During the boot sequence, it freezes at the statement:
>     Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/mfid0s1a
> I tried booting into single user mode, but same issue (of course).
> I don't want to just start hacking at this for fear of making things
> work... what is my best, most conservative next step?

Try downloading and booting the livefs environment (I think you need cd1
and the livefs cd or just the DVD) and see if you can mount it from
that, if not it could be a controller issue. If you can then its
probably your OS/kernel but at least you now have access to your
data/configs etc etc not to mention you could try extracting the GENERIC
kernel from the install media (use the script in the kernels


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